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Driving and Your Eyesight

Keeping your sight test appointments is essential for a variety of reasons. Making sure you see the optician on the recommended basis is important in order to keep your spectacles up to date and maintain your eye care, but it is also imperative so that you can ensure you are legally allowed to drive.

There is legal criteria, outlined by the government, which all qualified drivers must meet in order to drive a vehicle. If you are unsure whether your vision meets the necessary requirements, it is essential that you make a sight test appointment as soon as possible so that your optician can make an assessment and advise you accordingly.

There are a range of requirements that must be met which include a minimum requirement of the quality of your vision as well as sufficient field of vision, which will be checked during your sight test.

If you need to book a sight test or are looking to purchase new spectacles, please do not hesitate to contact us or visit us at the practice.

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