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Eye Floaters & Squiggly Lines

You may or may not be familiar with the popular American animated comedy Family Guy, but one of it’s lead characters points rather close attention to those pesky squiggly lines we often see in our eyes: “Oh squiggly line in my eye fluid. I see you lurking there on the periphery of my vision. But… read more »

Posted on 29th November 2013 under Uncategorized.

PEEK – Helping to change the sight of millions

A revolutionary new mobile app could help save the eyesight of millions. Cataracts have been preventing millions of people across the world from seeing clearly, particularly in poorer countries. In fact,┬áThe World Health Organization says 285 million people are blind or visually impaired. The reasons behind this are often simple and easy to treat, with… read more »

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The Importance of Clear Vision on Darker Evenings.

With the clocks falling back and autumn turning inevitably into winter, the risk of being on the wrong side of the law due to poor vision has increased. This is particularly true for the over 40s, as drivers of this age tend to experience more difficulties in the darker months. Despite this fact, studies have… read more »

Posted on 8th November 2013 under Clear Vision,Eye Tests Leicester,Over 40s.

All About Astigmatism

Astigmatism is a condition which is caused by defects within the eye and that can be problematic to a patient’s vision as a result. Usually present from birth, astigmatism is common and can be corrected by a prescription given by the optometrist following a sight test examination. Put simply, astigmatism can perhaps be best described… read more »

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