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An eye test is one exam that doesn’t have right or wrong answers, but according to a recent study over half of British people have lied to their optometrist about their eye health and standard of vision during an appointment.

The study, conducted by eye care specialists Optegra, found that 44% of people felt the need to impress their optician and avoid criticism, 34% gave untrue answers due to feeling awkward and anxious, and around 10% of people lied because they wanted glasses, despite not needing them.

Many people stated that they felt pressured by their optometrist, but Rory Passmore, the managing director of Optegra, reassures patients that ‘Opticians… want to help you look after your eyes’, so next time you go for an eye test don’t be afraid to be honest – the health of your eyes is the most important thing, to you and your eye care professional.

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Posted on 4th April 2016 under Eye Tests Leicester.

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