Visual Stress & Dyslexia

Change your child's future

At SASK we are very interested in the relationship between reading ability and the eyes. Recent research and studies have shown that conditions like dyslexia can be helped (cured?) by appropriate eyewear. We look at how the two eyes work together to help children focus on a page, the ability for eyes to follow a moving object and if they have a colour preference to look through.

Following a special school vision assessment, we can ascertain if glasses or contact lenses are required. The benefits for your child are:

  • Better school performance
  • Increased reading speed
  • Increased self esteem/confidence
  • Clearer writing
  • Increased concentration
  • Reduction of headaches/migraines.

These checks can be done not only for children but also adults. The initial assessment can take up to an hour and we recommend follow ups on a regular basis for about 18 months. Please call the practice for further information and you can also visit the following website

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