Like all good friends, Sask Optics are close to all those that matter even though we are far away. 

Admittedly, we are open only for Emergency cases at the store, but we are available to you in so many other ways. We are a pro-active, solutions-focused bunch, and you’d be amazed with what we can do with just a telephone, email and video conferencing. 

And of course, our trusty monthly newsletter allows us to ‘come to you.’ 

That’s right folks, you can now take part in the world- famous Sask experience right from the comfort of your own home, through the medium of the printed word. While I don’t think Netflix have anything to worry about just yet, this is hopefully a welcome bit of light entertainment for you, and something to take your 

mind off the headlines and fear and worry that is 24/7 in the media. Hold on to your hat and let’s get started! 


Most of us aren’t sleeping as soundly as we normally would. But it’s important to know that there are things that we can all do to better navigate the coming weeks and months; And to adapt to change more easily. 

I’m reminding the team at Sask Optics that although there are so many things outside of their control, the one thing we can all control is our mind and what we choose to focus on. 

The sun is still going to rise every day, and our job is to make sure that we do the right things every day for ourselves, our families and our communities

I hope you are adapting to your new daily routines as best as possible. 

Charles Darwin said it is not the strongest of the species who survive, nor the most intelligent who survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change

Now would be a good time to be adaptable to change. 

No doubt about it, adapting to change is hard and takes its toll. If you have felt anxious, confused, over- whelmed, stressed or afraid in recent weeks, know that you are not alone. 

Plugging into all the fear, and feeding that into your head all day long is not helping. Constantly checking the news, emails, websites, blogs, forums, and social media is NOT how you get the best out of yourself. 

You need to give yourself the mental space to think clearly. Stay informed but control your intake. Be intentional about how and when you check the news. Make a good old-fashioned to-do list for your day with pen and paper, instead of living in your head and being bombarded with 1000 thoughts a minute. 

You might not be able to control coronavirus. You might not be able to control what everyone else is doing. Or how responsible people are being. But you can control your day. And you can control what you focus on. Fixate on the positive. Fixate on the possible. Fixate on the hope

There are a lot of awful situations happening around the world right now. You are going to hear about it all in the coming weeks whether you like it or not. Just turn on the TV or radio or go online. You can’t miss it. But be fair to yourself and your sanity and choose to focus more on the good things that are happening right now. 

Parents are being more patient and more present with their kids. Even grown, busy men are calling their mums every single day, to talk and check in (rather than the usual once a week-ish in normal times!) 

Teams of people (like my team at Sask Optics) are looking out for one-another and pulling together in amazing and self-less ways. Strangers are being kinder to one another. The vast majority of us are trying to be better human beings. 

There is good in everything and this crisis is no different. Good will come from it

I realise that this is affecting everyone in different ways and some of you will be having a good day today, and others will be having a bad day. There will be ups and 

downs, and each day will be different. I’m the same, with my own ups and downs to deal with. 

Tomorrow is a new day. So, hang in there and keep going. There is an old Dale Carnegie quote I like. He said, “The toughest job I will ever face is the management of Dale Carnegie.” Too true. The toughest but most important job you have, now more than ever, is to manage yourself every day. You can do this. 


I thought I would put in to practice what I often preach (to my staff, to my children, basically to anyone that will listen) regarding learning something new every day. 

In the interest of bettering myself (and also the fact that the male members of the Patel family were beginning to resemble their long distant Neanderthal relatives) I announced to my family members that I was going to try my hand at hair grooming. 

For some unknown reason this announcement was met with a mixture of nervousness and sheer fright. 

“There’s nothing to fear” I assured them “I have watched a You tube Video on it (I hadn’t)...and “I have ordered a really nice hair grooming kit from the internet (with 5 star reviews)” I added. However, this did not have the desired calming effect I was hoping for. Instead the boys began extoling the virtues of long hair and one even expressed to not cut his hair at all until school reopened. 

“Long hair is the in-thing Dad” said one. “All my friends think I look better with long hair” said the other. 

After offering a bag of sweets, which was negotiated to three, and a late night to watch which ever movie they would like, which went up to two movies, my youngest agreed to be my first ever vict..., I mean client . 

The Bribe 

I’m enthusiastic about learning new stuff. So, bright and early Saturday morning I was setting up my Barbers shop in the garden, and my wife asked me if I wanted to watch a tutorial online first? I reassured her that wouldn’t be necessary. My son looked nervous. 

The scene 

If you have kids at home and you’re worried about the little munchkins needing a haircut, let me walk you through our experience and hopefully it will give you the confidence to take up the scissors yourself. 

I started tentatively and delicately grooming Uzair with the clippers. I’ve seen farmer’s shearing sheep before, so I based my technique on that. 

The Deed 

But after a few minutes there didn’t appear to be much coming off, so I tried my hand with the scissors. That had very satisfying and speedy results. Within 30 seconds I had transformed into Edward Scissorhands. Now I was grooming with gusto and Uzair seemed to be enjoying the sweets he had negotiated as an advance. 

I would say it was a bonding experience between father and son. All in all, it was a 30-minute job, and quite tiring. I was parched and sun-burned by the finish. 

Uzair came out of it looking like a different boy. Mostly, because he now has an uneven fringe and a bald patch. I thought he looked ok but he felt he deserved at least another bag of sweets as recompense. Still, my wife was impressed, especially with my perseverance as my little one kept wriggling around. 

I offered to trim my wife’s fringe to but she politely declined. Oh well - I’ll just keep that last bag of sweets for myself! 

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