As you will see from this newsletter, it has been an incredibly busy start to the year at Sask Optics. As we have had so much going on, I will save you from any of my anecdotal tales in this edition.

Although I was tempted to write about a book launch I attended,with the promising title of HOW TO WIN EVERY ARGUMENT, the sheer fact I haven't managed to learn any lessons from the book and succeed in winning anything (a little like my football team), I will maybe leave it for another time.

In February, the Sask Team attended a fabulous trade how in London where the best of the optical world gathered to exhibit their wares; the fact I couldn't join them is a story in itself and, finally, tales from my visit to Dubai to attend an amazing wedding (think Bollywood meets the Godfather) would fill the entire pages of this journal. So this month, we go straight into it but below are a few pics.

Mehdi Raza Hasan is a British Journalist, who’s ideas are great on paper (and against politicians) but didn’t work with the big Boss.
Harpreet choosing her next frame sorry I mean the latest stock😉
New Ranges, Eyewear catwalk – a great team day out
At a wedding in Dubai. Missing my Team, Queens Road & Lincoln Road.

Last month Sask Optics hosted an evening with consultant Ophthalmologist Mr Malick Huzaifa at the fabulous Porta Nata restaurant. It was wonderful to see so many of you there,and according to the feedback, I think everyone found it thoroughly engaging and enjoyable. Mr Huzaifa spoke about some of the most common conditions to affect the eye, like Cataracts, Glaucoma and Macula Degeneration.

After explaining how these conditions develop, a summary of treatments was presented. As always, prevention (or delay in the case of cataracts) is better than cure.

Glaucoma, known as the thief of sight, can not, in most instances, be cured but, if caught early enough, can be halted. On the other hand, we will all develop cataracts if we live long enough (some rare forms happen to the young due to medication and trauma).

Still, lifestyle choices (diet and not smoking) and UV protection sunglasses can delay onset. Macula Degeneration has a similar pattern to cataracts ( thankfully not as prevalent) but can have severe consequences if not detected and treated on time. The macula area of the eye, like the Lens, can be protected with good quality UV protection sunglasses, and a strong case for a healthy can be made to

So essentially, a regular eye test is the least we can do to maintain our eye health; making fundamental lifestyle changes and wearing good quality sunglasses are positive too.

If it has been a while since you've had an eye test or if you feel an MOT is required, please call the Team, and we will be delighted to see you.

Mr Malick Huzaifa - Othamology Talk @ Port & Nata
Jan and her amazing team

Innovative Sask Optics window displays have become a mainstay on Queens Road. We have had some incredible props (can anyone remember the rocket-themed one or the dinosaurs), and many people walk in on the back of them just to have a chat.We have spotted selfy takers; some take photos to share with their friends. It's all part of who we are as independent business owners, and we try to exhibit some of our personality. In this day and age of much of a muchness, we try to add a little colour, vibrancy, and, dare we say it, a little fun.

Last month we were really stuck for ideas, and our previous display(of the promise of sunshine) was wearing a little thin (especially with record rainfall being recorded). With no fresh ideas,we thought we would need to linger with the tired-looking display for a little longer or at least till we were hit with a bolt of inspiration( more likely lightning) from somewhere.

That is where one of our wonderful clients, Jan, and her Team came in and rescued the day. I will let Jan explain in her own words what they are all about.

'Every piece of art deserves a good frame' captures the match point between Sask Optics and Leicestershire Quilters.

As a group of passionate people exploring the art of patchwork quilting and other textile Arts and design,what better friendship than with an independent optician offering high levels of skill, attention to detail and an eye on design? All things that we celebrate at Leicestershire Quilters.

And without attention to our eyes,we could not give the attention to detail and accuracy that turns sewing into art.

April heralds the start of the Great British Sewing Bee (did you spot the cushion as you passed by?), and an opportunity presented itself to showcase the work of a local group of passionate enthusiasts and illustrate how Sask Optics is both embedded and cares for the local community.

And of course, Esme Young, doyenne of fashion and design, what better way to endorse the individual style offered by the Sask Optics eyewear range? A big thank you to Shockat and the Team for the leap of faith in allowing us to showcase our work.

We celebrated 40 years in 2021, and meetings are held on the last Monday of the month at Braunstone Civic Centre, 7-9 pm. We are a friendly group, meeting to learn from each other, have speakers of interest, make time for coffee, and chat about all things material. We hold occasional day workshops and demonstrations.

For more information, please get in touch:

Jan Halliday or Carolyn Howard on

Email: LeicestershireQuilters40@gmail.com

I must say Jan, Carolyn,and the whole Team did a fantastic job and caught many people's eye. And to confirm, "no, the singer sewing machine is not for sale."

So from myself, the Team and the Clarendon Park area, THANK YOU to the Leicestershire Quilters for saving us from a boring window display.

SASK Raises £1000.00 for local charity

We want to thank everyone that attended an eye examination during February and early March as you helped raise an incredible One Thousand Pounds for the fabulous local charity Eko Joe.

We all have to do our bit for our planet, and Eko Joe is dedicated to getting us all to Refill, Reuse and Recycle. We donated all the private sight test fees collected in that period to the Eko Joe team,who were, naturally, delighted.

Based in Blaby, they will use the money for a project to help the local wildlife.

To learn more about and supportthis charity, please follow them on

Facebook | @SaskOptics https://www.facebook.com/SaskOptics

Instagram | @wearesask https://www.instagram.com/wearesask

WIN! An Ooni Outdoor Pizza Oven And Bring The Taste of Italy To Your Garden Parties!

You have till the end of May to recommend a friend or family to Sask Optics to win an incredible Ooni outdoor Pizza Oven. All they have to say when making or attending an appointment is that your self-referred them, and both of you will be put into the draw. We will look after them with our award-winning service; of course, there is no obligation to purchase.

This is just our little way of saying Thank You for being such great ambassadors for us; we wouldn't be here without you.

So Thank You, and Good Luck!


Back by Popular Demand! We are having our incredible Maui Jim Sunglasses Trunk Show day.

But because we had so much fun last year, we are not only giving you one day to enjoy all the benefits. no, we are spreading this event over TWO DAYS!!

Maui Jims make arguably the best-polarised sunglasses in the world,offering brilliant clarity from glare and protection from harmful rays. They were initially made in Hawaii so people could enjoy the Island's natural beauty. Our Rep will fill his cases with the entire sunglasses range and bring them to our Queens Road Branch. You will have the opportunity to choose from the entire collection.

You will have an opportunity to win a complete FREE PAIR of Maui Jim Sunglasses (via a charity raffle). An opportunity to purchase a pair of Maui Jim sunglasses and enjoy discounts up to £150.00.

Come into Sask Optic sand Enjoy a Tropical drink and some snacks.

The Two days will be filled with lots of fun and will have a distinct Hawaiian theme. So, come along and enjoy some food and drink whilst trying on as many pairs as you like.

Bright Hawaiian-coloured shirts,flower garlands and Grass Skirts are optional but will be most welcome.

If you want to see the entire collection, please drop us a line in advance, and the team will book you an appointment to see the rep.

Otherwise, feel free to pop in. The det/bails for this fun-filled event are:

EVENT: Sunglasses Event

WHERE: Sask Optics, 101 Queens Road LE2 1TT

WHEN: Friday 19th May & Saturday 20th May 2023

TIME: 10.30am - 4.30pm

Welcome Aboard…

I would like to officially welcome all our new clients from the last month or so.  

Mrs J Rennie – Mr S Padda – Dr G Hall _ Mr J Cornish – Mrs J Peach – Miss N Kenzie – Miss A Gonzalez – Mrs B Geyer – Ms I Sahota – Ms J Patel – Mr G & Mrs P Barnes.

We're glad to be able to help!

Sask Optics – The Eye is a conversation about life as it looks from the helm of Sask Optics.

I really hope you have enjoyed this edition …

I believe in relationships and we really value having a strong relationship with our customers. This is our way of being open and showing people what we are like.

In this faceless world, this is our attempt to show some of our personality and to show we are not a faceless company. Any feedback to this journal would be greatly appreciated, as I would love to hear your thoughts.

Thank you for your support and feedback following the last issue. Please continue to send your thoughts and comments on what we are talking about to: shockat@saskoptics.com

This has been enjoyable exercise and I would like to continue communicating with you. If, however, you do not wish to continue receiving this journal, we completely respect that, and you can unsubscribe by just sending us an email to contactus@saskoptics.com.