Beautifully crafted and uniquely designed eyewear

We are an award-winning optician priding ourselves in a professional service that tailors to your needs.

Special Care
for Special Eyes

We are an award-winning optician priding ourselves in a professional service that tailors to your needs.

Special Care
for Special Eyes

We are an award-winning optician priding ourselves in a professional service that tailors to your needs.


Specialising in niche eyewear, selected by us

We stock frames that are selected for you, from independent companies that are driven to create products that are an expression of your personality.



LINDBERG eyewear tells the world you subscribe to a different way of thinking, and have a connoisseur’s appreciation of exceptional design and high-quality materials. Every frame is a statement about aesthetics, technical innovation and impeccable craftsmanship.

There is a LINDBERG frame to suit every face shape, every skin colour and every you. Simply beautiful.

“We have done away with everything that is not essential – including all screws, rivets and welds.”



Anne & Valentin

Anne & Valentin is a brand born from the wild dream of two opticians from the South-West of France. The couple, looking for graphic and original frames for their friends, decided to create what they couldn’t find, driven by fierce independence and familial state of mind.

For those that are a little more playful and like to leave a little happiness, Anne & Valentin will certainly help you make the right impression. There is an Anne & Valentin trying to get out in everyone.

“Our frames and visuals are the results of our work and the concrete manifestations of our ideas.”




TAVAT Eyewear utilizes advanced materials with superior properties to create perfectly functional frames that are light and comfortable. Ensuring durability and a sophisticated aesthetic, with advanced engineering and superb hand-craftsmanship.

A unique brand that is simultaneously a statement piece and yet a work of subtle sophistication. We absolutely love this range.

“The tactile hinge is an icon of timeless elegance: simple, functional, iconic, and perceivable to the touch.”



Barton Perreira

Barton Perreira is an independent brand that sees things differently; taking the time to invest in craftsmanship that produces nothing less than the finest eyewear in the world.

When you wear a Barton Perreira frame you instantly know you are wearing quality. For those that prefer to wear glasses that are effortlessly cool you have found your dream pair.

"At Barton Perreira, we believe that every pair of glasses should fit as perfectly as a well-tailored piece of clothing."




VANNI pays homage to Giovanni Vitaloni, Vanni to his friends, born in Milan in 1907. An artist with a mind for technical thinking, founder and inspiration of the family entrepreneurship for generations to come.

We can’t get enough of the Vanni range and when you see them you will know why. They are like a bag of sweets, it’s just a matter of which one (or two) you will pick.

“Mixing colour, daring and creating unique pairings has always been our challenge.”




Bringing new life to a monochrome wardrobe, Paul & Joe cultivates their difference while revisiting the vintage spirit. Paul & Joe grows by offering its freshness, its joie de vivre, its spontaneity and its cosmopolitan spirit.

Attention to detail and a beautiful combination of colours make Paul & Joe one of our all-time best-selling ranges.   

“Recognized and sold internationally, Paul & Joe Paris has been parading since 2008 during the Paris Fashion Weeks.”



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